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Rover Scouts!

Rover Scouts. Sometimes called ‘Network Scouts’ (if you’re in the UK), and sometimes not called anything at all, because they don’t exist in some places anymore. Rovers are usually the oldest age section in Scouts, which means that all the stuff you asked Akaela or Baloo if you could do in Cubs, but they said "Just wait until your older first…well, now you can do it!

Hi, my online name is ‘RSP’. When I’m not a Rover, I’m a Primary/Elementary School Teacher. But Rovers is a pretty big part of what I do in my life. I really enjoy Rovers – as a Rover I’ve made friends around the world. I’ve gone scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking in the middle of the Australian desert and in the Swiss Alps in the middle of winter. This may not sound like a big deal, but I’m the kind of person who would normally sit reading a book, or playing games online. I’ve met so many amazing people, and done so many things I never thought I would have done, all because of Scouts.

You might want to know "What does this matter?” – why should you care about this? In school, I was bullied pretty badly. The main thing they said was that Scouts was ‘uncool’, ‘stupid’, and more words that made me feel bad. As a teacher (and Leader), we’re told to say that these are ‘just words’, and they don’t hurt. But they do. They really do hurt. When you hear it all the time, it can start to get to you.

But when I was 13, I started to think about all the really cool things that I got to do, that the people at school didn’t get to do. Learn how to do first aid? That’s a skill for life. Get skills on helping different people to work together to do something? You’re going to want to know this for the rest of your life. Being able to try new things, and not get frightened or fear failing? Scouting teaches you to be resilient.

So when people make comments about how ‘uncool’ Scouts is anymore, I imagine a Troll Face, and think ‘U jelly, bro. U jelly.’. Because I’m the one having fun. I’m the one getting out there, and doing amazing things. To me, Scouts is adventure – and Rovers can do anything. Like stuff. Rovers do stuff.

Hey, that should be a hashtag!

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