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One of the best things about Scouting - GAMES!

One of the best things about Scouting is all the fun games and activities that you get to do. But when you travel and visit groups, many games are the same, but with different words or names used for them. Here are a few of my favourites:

Game: LumberJack.

I was taught this game by a Canadian Cub Scouter, who came to visit a few months ago. You can use it with Scouts that are 6-12 years old, but even Rovers can do it, for a bit of fun! One Scout is selected to be the "LumberJack”, while all other Scouts are Trees.

When the Leader says ‘go’, the Trees all run around the hall (yes, I know – Trees normally can’t move. But this is a game), or can walk for the first few rounds. The Leader needs to suddenly shout ‘LUMBERJACK!’, and all the Scouts need to stop moving. The Leader then calls a number, and the Lumberjack can then take that many steps, and tag as many Trees in those steps. All tagged Trees have to sit down. The Scouts then all start moving again, and the game continues until the last Tree at the end is declared the winner, and is the new ‘LumberJack’

Game: North/South/East/West (N/S/E/W)

A favourite with Sea Scouts, and with Cub Scouts Packs everywhere, N/S/E/W is about teaching compass directions and getting Scouts to know a bit of general orientation skills at a young age. Calling out different compass points, and the Scouts have to run to that end of the play area/Scout Hall. To make it interesting, you can use a different language – for some reason, we had Finnish (I don’t know why; but I hope the translations are correct). The commands we used are:
• Pohjoinen – North
• Itä – East
• Länsi – West
• Etelä – South
To help develop the Scout’s ability to play the game, we started with the game in English, then in Finnish with the names printed on A4 sheets of paper and stuck to the correct area of the Hall. After a while, we removed them, and had the Scouts try and memorise the Finnish – which was a lot of fun. Aside from these simple compass points, you can use other commands in the game, such as:

• "Climb the rigging” (stand where you are, and pretend to climb a ladder on the spot. Reaching your arms up to ‘grab’ the next rung, and ‘stepping up’ as well)
• "Salute the Captain” (look at the Leader, and salute them)
• "Scrub the Deck” (quickly get onto your hands and knees, and use one hand to ‘scrub’ the floor with an imaginary brush
• "Man overboard” (stand, and wave one fist above your head)
What are your favourite games to play? When you get to Rovers, many of these games seem to get forgotten, but they are still great fun to do!

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