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Dusk 'Til Dawn Part 2

Phew! That was an intense 12 hour event of Humans discovering Zombies at the Opening Ceremony, running away, then trying to discover the Cure and the location of the Lab to save themselves!


A group of Rover Scouts (18-15) and Venturer Scouts (15-17) from Australia have just run an event we called "Dusk ‘Til Dawn”, where participants had to use their orienteering and navigational skills to avoid a hoard of ravaging Zombies for 12 hours throughout a massive Scout campsite.

There were a range of activities that Humans and Zombies had to discover and do ‘check-in’s at. The Humans were kept well fed and looking for a way to save themselves; the newly-created Zombies would come to ‘Z-Camp’ for the "Zombification process” – we had some Rovers studying costume and makeup at University, so they used their amazing skills to create some hideous and terrible-looking Zombies, and a range of ripped-up clothes to give more effect.

Humans could defend themselves with socks and nerf guns, which then had a ‘respawn timer’ for Zombies to wait around while the Humans ran away. The Zombies soon got smart, and started working as a team. Once the Zombies collected a ‘Brain Card’ from a Human they had infected, they handed it in to Admin to earn points.

Every two hours, there was an activity that everyone had to come to, with many un-manned activity bases for everyone to get involved with for the rest of the time….when they weren’t hiding from each other, or running after each other.

It sounds pretty dangerous to run, but we were so well prepared that the Medical Team had a really un-eventful night. Participants were able to take breaks when they wanted in their tents, and the participants who had good navigational skills really were more successful than others.

Oh, and who won?

Humans. They found the cure in time!

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