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Dusk 'Til Dawn Part 1

Orienteering is pretty big in Scouting; it’s a stereotype of what we do (but we do so much more!), but we do it in so many ways. There are penny hikes,  trail symbols, games like minefield and…the list goes on. Venturer Scouts (15-17) and Rover Scouts (18-25) in Australia have a range of events that are run together that do this every year. But when you run the same event over and over again, it can get a bit boring.

So boring, that people aren’t coming to the events as much anymore. So, what can you do to make it interesting? Make it a bit different?  Compass and map skills are pretty important and useful, but why not involve some Zombies? What about Nerf Guns? How about an epic battle between the living and the undead?

How about a massive game over 12 hours, of Humans verses Zombies, across a massive Scout Campsite?

So this is our plan. It’s almost ready to run, and I hope to have some good photos to share with you soon. We’ve never tried something like this before. Maybe the Zombies will infect everyone too fast, or the Humans will be too fast – but we’ve got some plans. There will be some games and activities for the participants to do, and some pretty cool trophies for people to earn during the event.

How could you make a regular event that you run, much more interesting? Look out for the photos (and to see if the Humans or Zombies win!) soon!

Penny Hikes: get a patrol, start walking, and when you need to turn one direction or another, flip a coin to choose, and see where you end up!
Minefield: Scouts sit on chairs/on the floor/whatever, and someone has to be navigated around them while blindfolded, with only one navigator who can talk to them.



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